Welcome to D|G|TAL.

Finance and insurance companies are currently facing immense challenges: manual processes meet digital requirements, grown-up cost structures meet a competitive landscape and a profound shift of client expectations meet outdated operating structures and even strategies at times. Aiming towards digitisation is not just optional anymore, it is a must.

A company can only be as efficient as its operational core, the back office, where all processes converge. The gateway to digitisation is the shift of the core operating model and the implementation of state-of-the-art IT. This is a challenge - just as it is an opportunity:


  • … if claims files were machine-readable
  • … if algorithms could analyse the full content of a claims file
  • … if managing portfolios was supported by data experience and
    didn’t just get performed on a case-by-case basis
  • … if there was a place where this was all taken care of for you

This place is called

D|G|TAL: The digital factory

Initiated by a Swiss/Danish high-tech company and a specialist firm for liability management based in Germany, D|G|TAL pioneers the high-performing back office of insurers and banks.

D|G|TAL uses its own programming standard, which is geared towards the financial industry. It is founded on proprietary technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and the latest computing and storage facilities. Starting with an analysing-tool called Claims Audit Engine that allows the decoding and exploitation of unstructured information, D|G|TAL aims to continuously enhance the spectrum of back office applications and to become a digital factory.

Set up as a Software-as-a-Service platform, D|G|TAL allows the use of selected applications or a complete framework. A bank, for example, may decide to use only a digital KYC, or an insurance company might focus on the claims handling process.

The opportunity

Data is about to become the currency of our time. Banks and insurers are rich in terms of information. This is a veritable treasure. Comparing an insurance company with other data-rich companies such as Google or Facebook shows that the treasure is not yet reflected in the market values. There is one key reason for this: the information is not available in digital format.

Most of the existing IT landscapes in insurance and banks are based on the technology of the pre-digital era and lack the ability to explore all available data.

A major step towards digitisation: Claims Audit Engine

All transformation and IT projects have to start with an understanding of the available information, in particular including unstructured information that is contained in PDFs, etc.

Our Claims Audit Engine translates scanned documents into machine-readable text, which subsequently allows to have all information available as smart data and to use it as easily as with a Google search. Combining available structured data with the content of a client file evidently offers new ways to manage portfolios.

The Claims Audit Engine is capable of decoding almost 90 per cent of the scanned documents, recognising the type of document and even understanding its tonality. You can ask, for example, for all claims files with a low standard reservation but with medical conversations indicating a potential spinal injury. The Claims Audit Engine is fully operational for motor insurance and can quickly be adopted to other lines of businesses.

The Claims Audit Engine is the first step towards digitisation and can be also used in the course of due diligences or to run claims audits.

Obtaining smart data: an array of options

Once an initial smart data basis is created, banks and insurance companies can really start elaborating on the data which opens an ocean of opportunities.

Ready for transformation?

In developing our digital factory, we offer banks and insurers a transparent and smart path to transform a present operational model towards a future-based 2.0 identity. Please feel free to arrange a meeting with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

About D|G|TAL

D|G|TAL combines in-depth financial services experience and the latest technology to support insurers with ready-to-use digital back office applications. The D|G|TAL factory was founded by senior executives from banking, insurance, software and data engineering and is based on a joint venture between Gossmann & Cie. – a liability management company founded by Arndt Gossmann, a renowned expert for restructuring legacy business in Europe – and Deon Digital, a high-tech software company based in Zurich/Switzerland and Copenhagen/Denmark, which developed the Contract Specification Language (CSL) for bank and insurance applications. The company enables its clients to issue full-cycle digital contracts for end-to-end automated business processes between companies. Its clients include well-known companies from the financial industry across Europe and Asia.

The founders

Dirk Sebald Co-founder and CEO of Deon Digital

Dirk Sebald brings many years of experience in the areas of innovation, digitalisation, change management and strategy development to the table. He has worked in senior positions and as a consultant in financial services and insurance, telecommunications and healthcare industries. Before co-founding and leading Deon Digital AG as CEO, Dirk Sebald was Group Head Innovation of SIX Group, CEO of Adesso SE and COGNOS. He holds an MBA from the FernUniversität Hagen.

Dr Florian Herzog Co-founder and CTO of Deon Digital

Dr Florian Herzog is a go-to name in the financial markets for his specialisation in developing and implementing risk, pricing, and contract management solutions for the financial sector. Prior to co-founding and leading Deon Digital AG as CTO, he co-founded swissQuant Group AG and also served as its CTO, CEO and chief engineer. At Deon Digital he combines his academic and technological knowledge of smart contracts, distributed ledger systems and machine learning with platforms in capital markets, banking and insurance.

He graduated with a Diploma (Master) in Engineering and Mathematics from ETH Zurich (2002), holds a MSc from Georgia Institute of Technology (2001) and earned a PhD from ETH Zurich (2005) in financial mathematics.

Dr Florian Herzog lectures at ETH Zurich on stochastic systems. He serves on the board of aXedras, a DLT company that digitises the precious metals markets, and serves as an investment committee member of the Vita Collective Foundation.

Arndt Gossmann Founder and CEO of Gossmann & Cie

Arndt Gossmann is a recognised expert for portfolio insurance optimisation, restructuring and legacy. He has worked in various CEO positions in the insurance industry and performed further executive roles at American Express, Commerzbank, E-Loan, KPMG, DEXIA and DARAG, which became market leader in legacy insurance in Europe under his leadership. Arndt Gossmann is Chairman of the Executive Board at SOVAG AG, Managing Director of Gossmann & Cie. Insurance PCC Ltd. and one of D|G|TAL’s launching partners. He graduated at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and is a guest lecturer at the University of St. Gallen.